Christ the King School is located on the corner of US-933 and Darden Rd. on the North side of South Bend, Indiana. Two distinct buildings, totaling nearly 100,000 square feet, comprise the two-plus acre campus.

The main building, which was reconstructed in 2002, is an air-conditioned, two-story classroom addition which houses the front office and connects the historic 1950 Main Building with the school’s Gymnasium. It’s 50,000 square feet contain 12 classrooms, a library, a computer lab, science lab, art room, music room, and resource room.

Library: All CKS students regularly use our extensive library, which contains more than 14,000 volumes.

Computers/Lab: At Christ the King, technology is an intrinsic part of the instructional process. Our 1:1 program provides devices for all middle school students. The school has a variety of technology resources dedicated to student use including iPads, SmartBoards and laptop mobile carts.  There are also interactive projector/whiteboards in every classroom and one for use anywhere on campus. Our computer lab for grades 1-6 has networked stations available for classroom projects.

Gymnasium: The single-court gymnasium encompasses 10,000 square feet and has locker room facilities for boys and girls. It has a newly updated scoreboard system.

Outdoor Playground: All students have daily recesses on the playground and fields in the rear of the building, totaling 20,000-square-feet.

Art Facilities: Christ the King has one music lab, one art studio, and a fully equipped drama room for the school’s annual musical.

Lunchroom: The cafeteria has flexible seating for 240.

Science Lab: The school has one science lab, fully equipped with scientific supplies, laptop carts, etc.